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A no-nonsense approach

We don't do Powerpoint presentations, nor do we 'sell sell sell'.

What we actually do is listen. We listen intently to what you have to say about your business, your target market and indeed what prompted you to seek advice about your brand, graphic design, advertising strategy, website design & development or mobile app requirements - or indeed a combination of the aforementioned; the combination of which we call Total Branding. Then, we ask questions - without questions, we are numb towards your business requirements. It's really all about you and your business. When we have the answers to our questions, we can help you, just like we have helped over 200 other businesses increase their bottom line profits.

We don't have a sales team

All enquiries are handled directly by the two directors, each of whom have over 25 years direct experience in growing businesses.

16 Years in Business

Over the past 16 years, we've developed a powerful suite of website software apps and with over 200 customers across multiple sectors, we're constantly evolving our solutions to help our customers stay ahead of their competitors - particularly when it comes to User Experience and SEO.

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Creativity Sells Ltd, is a multi-award-winning Tech Marketing Agency that has been based in Chesterfield since its inception in 2007. We're a privately held company, wholly owned by Matt Bradshaw and Peter Eades. We've worked with literally hundreds of customers and indeed some huge global consumer brands. We are primarily a web design and development company that also specialises in eCommerce and SEO.

We're incredibly selective about who we recruit - as such, we have a superb team that's dedicated to excellence and providing our customers with the best experience possible. Our team is an eclectic mix of Designers, Developers, Database Administrators, Marketeers and Business Specialists and of course SEO Specialists - all of whom collectively support our customers.

We don't just 'design' websites - we build highly focused, targeted and profitable extensions to your business. We have a thorough and in depth understanding of the Internet, technology and consumer behaviour and apply this across the board in every project in which we are involved. Whilst our main focus is on developing technologies to help our customers become more profitable in the digital age, our whole business is founded on support, values and integrity. When it comes to eCommerce, we're a Shopify Partner and develop Shopify Solutions that are tailored to your business - we can help you with all aspects of the Shopify eCommerce platform and have also developed some nifty Shopify Apps to make your life a lot easier.

Over 95% of our 200+ customers have come to us through direct referrals from our existing customers. We don't advertise, nor do we have a sales team - we have grown through referral alone, which must say something about the results we achieve and ongoing support for our valued customers. Rather than use 'off the shelf' web publishing programs, we develop our website solutions in-house. This means we have total control of everything we do, which means you get the solution that's built for your business - and you don't get any of the nasty surprises that are known with programs such as WordPress, Joomla & Drupal (prone to hacking, comment spamming, unsupported obsolete versions etc...) The content management system (CMS) we have developed over the years is used by hundreds of customers, all of whom report how easy it is to use and it's incredibly strong with customer number one - Google!

To help your business realise its full brand potential, we have a strong and experienced team of enthusiastic and highly skilled branding experts, designers, web developers, copywriters and SEO experts ready to work with you to grow your business. Add to this engine room 'oomph' the combined 50+ years of branding, sales & marketing experience of our two business owners, (who are, incidentally, directly involved in every project) and you're all set to start increasing your brand awareness, customer loyalty and ultimately your revenues and margins. It's also very likely you'll enjoy what you do even more too.

Our customers are located throughout the whole of the UK, and as such, we support that area.

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The Creativity Sells Team

Aaron Aaron Project Manager
Ash Ash Full Stack Developer
Cameron Cameron Email Marketing & Web Designer
Chris Chris Backend Developer
Clare Clare Developer
Jack Jack Email Marketing & SEO
Jared Jared Designer
Jess Jess Front-End Developer
Lianne Lianne Accounts
Matt Matt Managing Director & SEO
Nathan Nathan Full Stack Developer & Head of Development
Rachael Rachael Data Analyst
Pete Pete Operations Director & SEO
Steve Steve Front-End Developer & Web Designer


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