About us

Established in 2006, Creativity Sells Ltd is a privately held company, wholly owned by Matt Bradshaw and Peter Eades. With proven competencies in Sales, Marketing, Finance and of course building sales lead website solutions, the team at Creativity Sells is motivated, diverse and highly skilled.

We're incredibly selective about who we recruit - as such, we have a superb team who are dedicated to excellence and providing our customers with the best experience possible. The Creativity Sells team is an eclectic mix of Designers, Developers, Database Administrators, Marketeers and Business Specialists - all of whom collectively support our customers.

We don't just 'design' websites - we build highly focused, targeted and profitable extensions to your business. We have a thorough and in depth understanding of the Internet, technology and consumer behaviour and apply this across the board in every project in which we are involved. Whilst our main focus is on developing technologies to help our customers become more profitable in the digital age, our whole business is founded on support, values and integrity.

"Everything is built by us and controlled in house - we have developed our own website software, from the ground up, which means you are totally future proofed in terms of future development and support."

Over 95% of our 300+ customers have come to us through direct referrals from our existing customers. Our team is experienced, talented and passionate. Combine these traits with the knowledge to turn technology into real business tools that deliver growth and profit - continually - and the result is a business partner that will work with you, with your best interests at heart for many years to come.

Our customers are located throughout the whole of the UK, and as such, we support that area.