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What is a Brand?

There seems to be some mixed messsages redarding what a brand actually is. Search Google, for 'what is a brand' and you get results like 'the emotional relationship between business and customer', 'the identity of a good or service' and 'the logo or symbol that identifies a good or service'. Whilst these results may well be correct in part, they do not fully define what a brand is.

In simple terms, a brand is the personality of a business.

A 'brand name' refers to the actual name of a product or service and the 'brand' refers to how customers 'think and feel' when they see or hear your product or service.

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With an average of over 70% of traffic now coming from mobile devices, mobile optimisation is critical, so we make sure that all websites perform very well on all devices, from the smallest of Smartphone to the largest of Desktops.

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Brand Identity

Brand identity consists of a group of elements that provide consumers with the ability to identify with a brand. When creating the elements of a brand identity there are several influencing factors, such as the brand value proposition, target audience and long term brand objectives. These elements are fundamental to the overall branding process and are integral to brand communication. Typically, the elements of brand identity are as follows, and can be used in many different ways, collectively or otherwise, depending on the nature of the brand communication;

  • Brand name
  • Brand positioning statement, slogan or strapline
  • Brand logo
  • Specific style of graphics, colours and font
  • Musical ident and tone of voice

Brand Awareness

When customers are faced with a buying decision, brand awareness refers to how your brand stands out, to that customer, amongst competitor brands. It's the ability for customers to identify with your brand when faced with a buying decision. Strong brand awareness is achieved by a unified approach to all aspects of brand communication, ensuring all customer touchpoints communicate your brand in the same way.

When faced with a buying decision, if a customer is not aware of your brand, even if your product or service is staring them in the face, they will be less likely to choose your brand above a brand for which they have an awareness of.

Brand Communication

Your brand could be amazing - it could also be the best-kept secret in the world, or you could be sending the wrong message - it's all about brand communication. Who are you talking to? What should you be saying? How should you be saying it? When should you be saying it?

A well planned and executed brand communication strategy is a solid investment. Following a strategy leads to improved interactions with your target audience, bridging the gap between interest and purchase.

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is a long term plan that develops your brand to achieve predefined goals. A well planned and executed brand strategy will impact all areas of a business and is linked to the emotions and needs of your target audience and indeed your competition.

Before the implementation of any brand strategy, it's crucial to understand your business objectives and why you are planning work on your brand or indeed create a new one.

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