How we work

Find out about our approach to branding, graphic design, marketing, SEO and website solutions. We exist to grow your business - this is how we do it.

Typical working process

Initial meeting

In our experience, it's best to have an informal face to face meeting to discuss your current business and future business objectives. Nothing too strenuous, but it provides us with valuable insight into how we can help. In most, if not all initial meetings, some really cool and fresh ideas come out during the conversation. We can either meet at our office, your premises or a café somewhere. This initial meeting won't cost you a penny.


Further to our initial meeting, we'll research your competition and market conditions with a view to coming back to you with our recommendations.


Based on our meeting and our subsequent research, if we know we can help you grow your business and increase your profits, we will provide you with some recommended actions.


If you're in agreement with our recommended actions, we can work together to put a structured plan in place in order to achieve your business objectives. This is where we will drill down into your business operations, strengths and weaknesses and work towards a thorough understanding of your commercial objectives. For every single business we work with, the most important factor in any project is to fully understand your business, your brand(s) and your target audience(s). This is the starting point of everything. Until we have this level of understanding, nothing else can happen. How could it?


This is where the recommended actions are implemented, in line with the terms of engagement, on time and within budget. Depending on the nature of the project, our branding, website solutions, graphic design, marketing, and SEO (search engine optimisation) teams will work their magic.


Further to completion of the implementation phase(s), we'll drill down into the data (such as website analytics/footfall/enquiry rate etc) in order to gauge the success of the implementation.


We'll relay back, with total transparency, the success of the overall engagement.