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So you've got a great website (if you haven't, we can help you with this) and you need to make sure you attract the right kind of visitors to your website.

There is no magic dust here - it's a case of understanding your target audience and presenting clear, well written and well-coded website content that Google can digest and indeed serve back to related queries on their search engine.

Get a high page rank in Google and get found by your target audience.

If you have a good understanding of website development, marketing, consumer behaviour and Google's algorithm's, you can learn SEO and how to optimise your website to appear for key search terms that are relevant to your business. This takes time and is always changing.

If, however, you're already time-poor and would far prefer to focus on converting website enquiries, we can work with you on your website - and on external sites and social media platforms to improve your page rank on the search engine result pages 'SERPs'.

SEO is now a huge factor in the success of your business and we can provide you with an SEO package that is right for your business needs. We can demonstrate many examples of where we've achieved #1 spot on Google for many businesses. Results can sometimes be seen pretty quickly, but typically range anywhere from two weeks to a few months. The results of any targeted SEO campaign are typically evident by the end of the third month.

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There's no magic wand here - and don't even think about attempting any underhand (Black Hat) SEO strategies to get a quick win in the search engines. If you do, the chances are your site will be removed from the search engines, potentially forever. The leading search engines are leading for a good reason, which means they're continually improving their ability to deliver genuine and relevant results for search queries. Simply put, search engines want to deliver the best search results for a given search query - and the below top 20 SEO ranking factors will determine whether your site appears on the first page - or not.

If you've arrived here, you're likely to have been searching for things like 'eCommerce SEO', 'SEO Marketing', 'Automotive SEO', 'SEO tools', 'Search Engine Optimisation', 'Affordable SEO', 'SEO near me', 'SEO Agency', 'Optimise my website for SEO', 'Get my website found', 'Local Business SEO' etc...

So, we're going to make a few presumptions here;

- You've just launched a new business, brand or website and you're struggling to get found online in the search engines or;
- You're a business owner whose frustrated with your website search engine ranking and you're not on page #1 or;
- Your job requires you to optimise your website(s) and you're trying to improve the search rankings for the website(s) you're responsible for.

Is your website a well kept secret?

First things first, if your website is all about your business (rather than a specific product or brand) a search for your business name in Google or Bing should result in your website being position #1 on page #1. If it's not, you really do have a problem and are in urgent need of some very basic SEO.

Don't just settle for a body kit, make sure your engine's fit for purpose!

It's common place that a huge amount of Web Designers and Creative Agencies focus so much on how visually appealing a website looks, that they often overlook the most important factor of a website project - metaphorically speaking, it's what's under the bonnet that really matters. The 'design' is a relatively small part of any website project. Take a Ferrari or an AMG Merc, for example, whilst there is a considerable amount of work and research into how it looks and performs aerodynamically, there's far more work involved in developing and engineering the things you don't see - such as the engine, chassis, gearbox etc. If you 'thought' you'd bought an AMG Merc and upon putting your foot down, you realised there was a tiny engine under the bonnet - you'd not be very happy.

Furthermore, when web designers are so consumed with the look and feel of a website, the calls to action or conversion touch points are often lacking. It's all good and well having a stunning website, but if it doesn't drive enquiries and conversions to your business, it's effectively an attractive work of art that will do very little towards your business growth.

Don't make the same mistake with your website - don't just settle for a body kit, make sure your engine's fit for purpose.

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Is your Website Optimised for SEO?

We can help you optimise your website for a better search ranking - click below to find out more.

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