What is Domain Authority and does it impact SEO?

Domain Authority

Developed by Moz, the Domain authority (DA) of a website refers to its relevance and strength for a specific subject area or industry and therefore how likely it is to rank in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Your Domain Authority (DA) is the number of backlinks that link to your site - and link relevance is considered here. Your DA score factors in the relevancy of these backlinks, so it's important to be selective with where you're obtaining your backlinks from in order to protect your website and brand.

How does domain authority affect SEO ranking?

Poor quality backlinks (toxic backlinks) can actually harm your DA and ultimately affect your ranking in the SERPs. Toxic backlinks can be disavowed by requesting they be removed from the search engines. Your Domain Authority itself is not a direct ranking factor, but toxic backlinks are, so understanding your DA and acting on toxic backlinks is important to improve your SEO. Domain Authority is like a virtual crystal ball, which helps you to understand and predict outcomes on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

How to build domain Authority (DA)

This isn't simply a matter of the number of backlinks to your site, but also the quality of those backlinks. In addition to the obvious Backlink profile, in order to build your domain authority, working on the following steps will also help:

The above 6 points are what to work on in the first instance, and whilst you won't see results overnight, they are the big 6 in terms of short-term impact. The other SEO Ranking Factors are also a consideration.

Does your website domain have a good domain authority (DA) score?

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